Our Staff


Organizational Leadership and Administration


Keefe Keeley
Co-Executive Director

Kate Wersan
Senior Director, Partnerships, Outreach & Education

David Bruce
Director of Agroforestry Adoption

Brandi Brandes
Administrative Director

Devon Brock-Montgomery
Administrative Assistant

Fred Iutzi
Director of Research and Commercialization


Agroforestry Adoption Department

Connect with advisors to develop plans for adopting agroforestry.

David Bruce
Director of Agroforestry Adoption

Kaitie Adams
Community Agroforester, IL

Barbara Decré
Community Agroforester, WI

Sven Pihl
Technical Service Provider, IL

Matt Wilson
Technical Service Provider, WI


Education, Outreach and Communication Department

Connect with us to learn about apprenticeships, events, online courses, communication projects, and media contacts.

Kate Wersan
Associate Director

Kristy Gruley
Education Program Manager

Michele Manske
Apprenticeship Program and Events Manager

Renee Gasch
Communications Manager

Jacob Grace
Communications Project Manager

Wil Crombie
Communications Specialist


Research and Commercialization Department

Working across the value-chain to scale up agroforestry in the Midwest.

Fred Iutzi
Director of Research & Commercialization

Kevin Wolz
Lead Scientist

Scott Brainard
Tree Crop Breeder

Monika Shea
Research Fellow – Landscape Ecology

Bill Davison
Tree Crop Commercialization Lead


Spring Green Campus

Landscape-scale agroforestry demonstration, education, and research center based in Southern Wisconsin.

David Bruce
Director of Agroforestry Adoption

Erik Hagan
Home Farm Director