Food Safety

Integrating livestock and crops requires food safety precautions

If properly managed, livestock can be vital to making farms function as healthy ecosystems. In a silvopasture system, livestock help clear weeds, control insects and pests, scratch and dig to prepare ground for planting, spread and cycle nutrients through excretion, and clean up fallen nuts and fruits. Any farmer who integrates livestock into their farm system must ensure they are not compromising the health and safety of their customers. Common sense precautions and food safety guidelines help you minimize risk. Our resources, available in English, Spanish and Hmong, walk you through US food safety guidelines for grazing animals in food systems.

Free range chickens in silvopasture.

Food Safety Guide

Managing Food Safety Liability Risks When Integrating Livestock with Specialty Crops

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  • Top 3 steps to reduce legal liability for food crops in agroforestry systems
  • Action steps for achieving regulatory consensus for food safety concerns in agroforestry systems
  • Examples of how food safety rules apply to farms integrating specialty crops and livestock

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