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The Savanna Institute provides press interviews and public presentations about agroforestry, a top climate and conservation solution. Farmers who practice agroforestry integrate trees, crops and pastured animals on their farms, which creates a cascade of benefits for the ecosystem. Scientists rank agroforestry as the top agricultural practice for drawing down carbon for the climate. The Savanna Institute works with farmers and scientists in the Midwest to lay the groundwork for widespread agroforestry adoption. Connect with us to learn more about our research, education, and outreach work to support diverse, perennial farming systems that incorporate trees.

Savanna Institute staff members offer press interviews and public presentations. Request an interview with our Communications Team to coordinate.

Press Releases


Savanna Institute, Grantham Environmental Trust launch Canopy Farm Management to unlock Midwestern agriculture as a natural climate solution

MADISON, WI — A newly launched business, Canopy Farm Management (“Canopy”), will unlock the potential for Midwestern agriculture to become a natural climate solution, filling a key gap in an emerging industry in the region. The company represents an innovative partnership between the Savanna Institute and the Grantham Environmental Trust. With initial hubs in Illinois and Wisconsin, Canopy will focus on tree planting and management for farmers and landowners.

In the News

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August 15, 2022

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