Virtual farm tours and storytelling from the field

Our videos take you on a virtual tour of agroforestry systems throughout the Midwest. Watch and listen to farmers share stories and lessons learned from growing perennial crops in the region. We release videos every month, check back often.

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Partnering for Agroforestry

We have compiled a series of videos and resources showing new kinds of partnerships between landowners, tree farmers, and investors or between landowners, community stakeholders, and investors to accelerate widespread adoption of agroforestry practices.

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Key Perennial Crops

We’ve collected grower interviews and marketing material for key perennial crops grown by Midwestern farmers. Let’s get started with small fruits, and check back soon for more lumber and nut crop video resources. Let’s explore!

Meet Established Perennial Farmers

This video series takes you on a virtual tour of established agroforestry systems on Midwestern farms. See regenerative agriculture leaders talk about the lessons they’ve learned from a generation of farming perennial crops.

Persistence: Midwestern Farmers and their Uncommon Crops

A 15-minute mini-documentary featuring Jackie Hoch of Hoch Orchard and Gardens, Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice of Red Fern Farm, Michael Dolan of Seven Seeds Organic Farm, Jim Riddle of Blue Fruit Farm, Wandy Peralta of Berries on the Hill Farm, and Rachel Henderson and Anton Ptak of Mary Dirty Face Farm. Produced by Anders Gurda at Windborne Media LLC.  

Perennial AF Podcast

The Savanna Institute’s podcast about perennial agroforestry (AF) features interviews, questions from listeners, inside jokes, and more. Subscribe to Perennial AF to hear real AF conversations with some of the Midwest’s top agroforesters and perennial farmers!

Women in Agroforestry

A playlist featuring women’s voices from perennial agriculture sharing tips and lessons learned from years of experience in the field.

Food Safety in Silvopasture

Are you concerned about food safety when managing animals in your agroforestry system? Regulations can be confusing and information on best practices vague. We want to help make it possible for farmers to safely navigate livestock and tree crop integration on their farms.

Agroforestry Webinars

In this series of webinar recordings, the Savanna Institute and its partners Delta Institute and Liberty Prairie Foundation guide you through an overview of agroforestry practices and benefits. Deepen your knowledge of regenerative farming with technical assistance providers and community agroforesters as they answer some frequently asked questions from the webinar audience.

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The 2022 Perennial Farm Gathering brought together 90 presenters for 22 sessions over three days of perennial agriculture. Purchase the session recordings to watch what you missed.