Agroforestry Adoption

Catalyzing widespread adoption of agroforestry

To grow adoption of agroforestry practices in the Midwest, our Agroforestry Adoption Team provides education, demonstration, and one-on-one technical assistance for integrating trees into farms. We know that when people see the benefits trees can bring farms, they will want to adopt agroforestry on their land. See the resources available to guide you in planting tree crops.

On-Farm Education

We offer educational opportunities for beginning farmers and ag professionals to learn about tree crops and perennial farm management at farms throughout the Midwest.

Apprentices holding baby rams.

Agroforestry Apprenticeships

Our Apprenticeship Program offers a one-of-a-kind experience providing beginning farmers with on-farm, technical education with a mentor farmer in the Midwest. Apprentices also take online coursework and have an opportunity for community-building throughout the year.

Demonstration Farms

Our network of Midwest Demonstration Farms are educational hubs for farmers and the public to learn about agroforestry. Our Demo Farms also provide a place where our scientists collect tree crop germplasm repositories, conduct variety trials, and show how agroforestry can be practiced within different regions.

Support for Landholders

We offer technical assistance to farmers, communities, Tribes, and institutions to help them add agroforestry to their land and apply for cost-share funding from the USDA and other partners.

Technical Service

Savanna Institute’s Technical Service Program helps you take advantage of resources available to plant trees on your pastures, fields, and waterways. Technical Service Providers offer one-on-one support for planning, designing, and securing financial assistance for an agroforestry system.

A wide river with trees and cliffs.

Water Quality Program

Planting trees on farms and along shorelines can reduce nutrient pollution in local lakes, rivers, and streams. Our Water Quality Program establishes demonstration farms around the Great Lakes, and shares research and education on the potential for agroforestry systems to meet the challenge of the water crisis.

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