Rooted in the Midwest with partnerships throughout the US

The Savanna Institute grew out of a grassroots gathering of Midwestern farmers, graduate students, and community members interested in ecological agriculture. As the organization has grown, we’ve developed a coalition of regional and national partnerships with researchers, farmers, and change makers working together to advance support for perennial farmers.

The Agroforestry Coalition works across sectors to grow the number of US farms and ranches integrating trees and other perennial crops into their agricultural systems. Coalition members meet regularly in working groups to discuss the policy, strategic communications, and network development needed to scale up agroforestry in the US. Together, the coalition is cultivating agriculture that works for the future. Check out the Speakers Bureau and learn more at Funding support for coalition building is provided by the Walton Family Foundation, Salesforce, and the Volgenau Climate Initiative.

Expanding Agroforestry Project

Putting more trees on agricultural lands creates more resilient agricultural systems, and expanding the production of commodities grown in agroforestry systems can help drive new market opportunities. The Expanding Agroforestry Project aims to help producers boost profitability, sequester more carbon, improve water quality, and enhance biodiversity through agroforestry. Eligible producers can apply to receive direct incentive payments to expand agroforestry plantings on their agricultural lands. Over five years, $36M will be paid out to producers to transform 30,000 acres spanning 30 states into agroforestry systems.

The Nature Conservancy

Association for Temperate Agroforestry (AFTA)

With members in the US, Canada and overseas, AFTA pursues its nonprofit mission to promote the wider adoption of agroforestry by landowners in temperate regions of North America through activities such as networking, information exchange, public education, and policy development. Its audience includes university researchers, educators and extensionists, private farm and forestry groups, public policy makers, and private landowners. AFTA is based at the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry.

USDA National Agroforestry Center

National Agroforestry Center

The USDA National Agroforestry Center (NAC) had its origins in the 1990 Farm Bill. It began as a Forest Service Research  and State & Private Forestry effort in 1992 and expanded into a partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in 1995. NAC offices are located in Lincoln, Nebraska and Washington, D.C. NAC accelerates the application of agroforestry through a national network of partners. Together, we conduct research, develop technologies and tools, coordinate demonstrations and training, and provide useful information to natural resource professionals.