Farm Finances 

Cultivate successful agroforestry


There are a lot of choices involved in adopting and managing agroforestry on your land, and the Savanna Institute is here to help. We develop enterprise budgets, profile successful agroforestry operations, help farmers navigate cost-share opportunities and develop management plans, and gather extensive educational resources to help answer your questions.

What trees should you plant? Well, that depends on a lot of factors, but one of the most important things to consider is the market.

What to plant and how much will it cost?


Learn more about initial costs and projected income from 12 key perennial tree crops in the Midwest in these free infosheets.

Why adopt agroforestry and what’s involved?


Steve Wolter investigated several alternatives before he settled on walnuts and chestnuts for his 128-acre farm in Crawford County, IL. In these free landowner profiles you can learn from farmers across the Midwest what works when adopting agroforestry and how they made the choices for their farms.


Long-term Lease Resources

Find the answers in this collection of land access and landowner scenarios from some of the Midwest’s perennial farmers.

Find inspiration for your own unique land access approach.

Generating Value Through a Long-Term Agroforestry Lease: Tips for Landowners

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Long-term Agricultural Lease for Agroforestry

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Cost-share for agroforestry


Agroforestry practices are often covered by NRCS CRP and, in some states, EQIP is also an option. To learn more about what resources are available in your area, email one of our agroforesters.


Land Access and Finances in Agroforestry

Planning prior to starting an agroforestry practice or system is essential for long-term sustainability. In the Agroforestry Foundations course, we started thinking about all the aspects that need to be considered to help us plan our agroforestry project, and in this course, we take a much deeper dive into planning for agroforestry, land access options and resources, and finance options and resources.

Marketing in Agroforestry

If selling at least one product or generating income is a goal of your agroforestry practice, then, it’s important to consider how you will market the product(s) you want to sell. Agricultural marketing includes all the activities producers do in order to promote and sell products to consumers.  In this module, we will review the basic elements of marketing and how to create a marketing plan for an agroforestry enterprise.