LATEST RELEASE: Elderberry Grower’s Guide for Midwestern US

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Farm Finances

Are you curious about how to plan for and manage tree crops on your property? We gather the best information we can find to help you understand the finances behind agroforestry adoption and management.

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Tree Crops

We work to make tree crops economically viable by identifying and bridging gaps in the Midwest industry. Find out about how we help farmers connect with markets and invite impact investers to catalyze the tree crop industry.

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Training & Education

Find out how you can attend a field day or join a webinar. If you are ready for a deeper dive into agroforestry, learn about our on-farm apprenticeship program.                                                           

Resource Library

Through research and publication Savanna Institute creates and gathers educational resources to help you get started or deepen your knowledge of agroforestry. Explore the links below for downloadable guidebooks, online courses, videos, and more!


Latest Releases

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Food Safety

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Past Publications

Agroforestry Infographics

Landowner Spotlights

Land Access Spotlights

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Key Tree Crops Info Sheets

Long-term Lease Workbook

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