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Storytelling from the field

The Savanna Institute produces video series on topics related to perennial agriculture. Our videos take viewers on virtual tours of Midwest farms to see agroforestry in a variety of contexts and hear the stories of farmers making the transition to perennial agriculture. We also record our webinars and virtual events, and release them throughout the year.


Listen to our podcast, Perennial AF

The Savanna Institute’s podcast about perennial agroforestry (AF) features interviews, questions from listeners, inside jokes, and more. Subscribe to Perennial AF to hear real AF conversations with some of the Midwest’s top agroforesters and perennial farmers!

Online Courses

Are you ready to grow your farming knowledge?

Our online agroforestry courses focus on key tree crops and practices, marketing, land access and finances, agroecology, and climate change.

Each course features multimedia lessons with video and audio with all you need to dig deep into each subject.  The self-paced courses can be taken individually or in sequence.


Buy books or download the latest free reports

We publish handouts, grower guides, and investment reports to share our research with the public. You can request a free copy of a PDF be mailed to you, or order paper copies to be shipped to you for a small service fee.

Looking for services?

Technical Service Program

One-on-one support for farm planning

Technical Service Providers offer one-on-one support for planning, designing, and securing financial assistance for an agroforestry system. The best part? We are able to provide technical service at no cost to you, thanks to support from the Natural Resource Conservation Service and other partners. PHOTO: Randall Hyman, GLPF

Canopy Farm Management

A professional tree planting business

Canopy is a perennial farm management and tree planting business established by the Savanna Institute and the Grantham Foundation in 2022. To scale up agroforestry in the Midwest and unlock the potential of natural climate and water solutions, we need more tree planting services for landowners. Canopy fills that need in the marketplace, plus Canopy’s nursery sells black currant, chestnut, heartnut, persimmon, pawpaw, and shrub willow increasing supply and affordability of plant material in the area. Plants purchased at support Savanna Institute’s nonprofit mission.