Aronia melanocarpa

A productive native superfruit that is easy-to-grow. Also called a “chokeberry” for its astringent taste when eaten fresh, aronia is great as a vitamin-rich, natural color additive for beverages. Supply currently exceeds demand.

DRAINAGE: Moderate to well-drained soils
ZONES: 3–9
SPACING: 3-4 ft in-row; 12–14 ft between row
HARVEST SEASON: August–September


Relatively pest-free and self-fruitful—does not require planting more than one variety for pollination. Juiced, it adds bright color and healthy antioxidants to beverages and juice blends. Machine-harvestable.


Its astringency makes aronia berry unpleasant when eaten fresh, so processing is the main market. Aronia is not commonly planted for livestock, though poultry may help to control weeds.


Aronia is self-fruitful and does not require planting more than one variety for pollination. Pruning recommendations vary.

Our Research

Aronia’s productivity and slow market development has created a mismatch in supply and demand in the marketplace. Our Commercialization Program is leading investigation into markets for aronia, quality standards, and innovative products and outlets for increased sales opportunities and buyers for aronia berries.

Aronia melanocarpa - commonly called Black Chokeberry -growing on the shrub.
White aronia flowers growing on a branch.

Aronia Grower Infosheet

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