Developing value chains to grow perennial food markets

The Savanna Institute is developing strategic partnerships to increase the viability of agroforestry in the Midwest. Our goal is to stimulate the development of regional food systems that can realize the full potential of agroforestry. Deep-rooted perennial crops, such as elderberries, black currants, hazelnuts and chestnuts, draw down carbon from the atmosphere and build resilience against extreme weather and flooding.

Impact Investment Plans

We are investing heavily in research, market development and farmer education for these versatile perennial crops. Our impact investment reports on chestnuts and hazelnuts identify bottlenecks in scaling up Midwest markets for nut growers. We also produce marketing materials and grower guides on key perennial crops used in Midwest agroforestry systems.

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Explore the Grower Guides

Thinking about a new perennial crop? Our grower guides and investment reports can help you plan food and farm systems that include trees.

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