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Technical Service Provider

Xinyuan Shi

[email protected]   |  (608) 448-6432 ext. 214

Xinyuan (she/her) is part of Savanna Institute’s Agroforestry Technical Service Program and is based in Indiana. She will be providing technical assistance to farmers and landowners in the state who are interested in developing agroforestry systems on their land. Raised in Upstate NY, Xinyuan got her start with the Savanna Institute as an agroforestry apprentice working with chestnut experts in Ohio at Route 9 Cooperative. She has gathered a variety of experiences in tree-based agricultural systems as a Peace Corps volunteer in the tropical climates of Zambia and a Cornell maple technician in Ithaca, New York. Currently, she is finishing up her Masters through the University of Missouri’s agroforestry program. She joined Savanna Institute to complete a research project updating Gary Bentrup’s 2008 Conservation Buffer Guidebook and was recently hired as the new Technical Service Provider in Indiana. 

Xinyuan Shi - Staff Portrait
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