Southern Ohio Chestnut Company

Southern Ohio Chestnut Company
Athens, OH

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Farm Information

The Southern Ohio Chestnut Company is a multifarm business co-founded by Chris Smyth and Badger Johnson, operating on properties in southern Ohio. With a focus on Chinese chestnut varieties, the company currently manages 25 acres through a long-term, 75-year lease with the Woodcock Nature Preserve. They have also begun pairing their chestnut trees with pawpaw trees.

Farm Information
Acres: 12
Located: Athens, OH
Founders: Chris Smyth and Badger Johnson

“We are on 25 of [Woodcock Nature Preserve’s] hundred acres. We have a long-term lease, a 75-year lease, so hopefully the chestnuts will be there long after we’re gone.”
Chris Smyth, Cofounder, Southern Ohio, Chestnut Company

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