Shepherd Farms

Shepherd Farms
Clifton Hill, MO

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Agroforestry Systems:
Alley Cropping

Farm Information

Dan Shepherd helped plant the first 15 acres of pecan trees at Shepherd Farms near Clifton Hill in North Central Missouri when he was 14 years old. The pecan orchard was just the first of many alternative crops that Jerrell Shepherd, the farm’s founder and Dan’s father, put into place on the 1,900-acre corn, soybean, and wheat farm he purchased in the late 1960s. Dan continued his father’s tradition when he took on full-time management of Shepherd Farms in 1985. He added buffalo and gamma grass to the annual grains and pecans grown on the farm. Dan integrated all the crops and livestock through an agroforestry system featuring alley cropping and management-intensive grazing.

Farm Information
Located: Clifton Hill, MO
Owner: Dan Shepherd

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Technical Service Program

Get help planning your perennial farm system. Our Technical Service Program is here to guide you through the process of planning, funding, and planting trees on your farm.

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