Hoch Orchard

Hoch Orchard
La Crescent, MN

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Farm Information

Hoch Orchard is a 94-acre diversified fruit farm outside La Crescent, MN, run by Harry and Jackie Hoch. The organic farm grows a range of apple varieties, which ripen at different parts of the season and allow for a steady supply of fruit for local grocers and food co-ops. The fruit that doesn’t get sold at market is processed into apple juice in a commercial kitchen on the farm. After harvest, the Hochs graze animals on the fallen fruit, which helps the farm manage pests organically. Other perennials planted include strawberries, honey berries, raspberries, grapes, tart cherries, plums, and apricots.

Farm Information
Located: La Crescent, MN
Owner: Harry and Jackie Hoch

“Trying to have a farm or a lifestyle that integrates most closely with nature is what's important to me. An environment where people, plants, animals, and insects want to live and good things to eat would create, in my mind, a good system.”
Jackie Hoch, Hoch Orchard
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