Nettle Valley Farm

Nettle Valley Farm
Spring Grove, MN

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Agroforestry Systems:

Farm Information

Nettle Valley Farm is a regenerative livestock farm in the beautiful Driftless area of Southeast Minnesota on 70 acres of woods, pasture, pine plantation, ponds, and fields, with another 20 acres of pasture rented for hogs. The farm’s owners, Dayna Burtness and Nick Nguyen, raise pigs on pasture and with organic feed and sell the meat by the whole and half to area families. Dayna and Nick also care for seasonal brush-management goats (virtual Nofence collars starting in 2023!) and pastured egg-laying hens. It manages 90 acres near Spring Grove in total. Farm projects include all aspects of caring for the livestock (pastured pigs, brush goats, egg-laying hens), firewood chores, invasive species removal in the woods, silvopasture establishment, pork pick-up, packing, and delivering, and so much more depending on the month. The farm collaborates with the Xerces Society on a 4-acre pollinator-oriented silvopasture.

Farm Information
Acres: 90
Established: 2020
Located: Spring Grove
Owner: Dayna Burtness and Nick Nguyen

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apprentices are involved with all aspects of running a pastured pig farm: daily feed and water chores; weekly and biweekly weighing, loading, and delivering; paddock creation and rotation; clearing fence lines; plant ID; annual cover crop pasture management; preventative medicine and veterinary care for pigs; gleaning crops from orchards and farms for fodder; and the list goes on. Apprentices will also help with daily care for our seasonal brush goats (12 in 2023) and pastured egg-laying hens (about 40 each year).

Apprenticeship Program

Availability: Open



“All of us here are focused on regenerative practices, resilience-based practices working towards happiness and health of ourselves and our livestock and the land.”
Dayna Burtness, Nettle Valley Farm

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Your gift could provide experience and technical education for aspiring farmers through on-farm training with a mentor farmer and community building opportunities for farmers, apprentices, and those interested in incorporating trees on farmland.