Green Pastures Farm

Green Pastures Farm
Rucker, MO

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Agroforestry Systems:
Forest farming

Farm Information

Greg and Jan Judy raise cattle, sheep, mushrooms, pigs, and chickens on 1,620 acres of owned and leased land in Missouri. Green Pastures Farm is at the center of this grass-fed operation, which rotates South Poll cattle, hair sheep, and Berkshire hogs through the pastures. The farm practices mob grazing, which bunches animals together in ways that mimic buffalo herds that once roamed freely on the prairie. The animals work up and fertilize the ground as they graze, reducing the need for costly inputs for the soil, and help manage weeds and pests in the pasture. This diversified operation also practices forest farming, growing shiitake mushrooms in the shade of tree canopies and harvesting lumber, some of which is made into furniture at the farm’s small mill.

Farm Information
Located: Rucker, MO

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Technical Service Program

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