Lily Springs Farm

Lily Springs Farm
Osceola, WI

Apprenticeship Mentor Farm

Agroforestry Systems:
Alley cropping 
Forest farming 
Riparian buffer 

Farm Information

Lily Springs Farm is a 100-acre property located on the shores of a spring-fed lake in western Wisconsin near the town of Osceola. The farm hosts events, classes, and on-site lodging rental and tourism. The farm’s mission includes building a perennial-based farm system that fosters health in the community and the land, and educational programming flows naturally from that work. In 2022, Lily Springs Farm intends to transition into Wild Path Collective (WPC), an intergenerational, multicultural, and interfaith community. Lily Springs Farm features multistory agroforestry designs incorporating rows of elderberry, aronia, black currant, and raspberry. They also grow hazelnut, apple, plum, apricot, and cherry, and other tree varieties. It includes an industrial hemp trial plot and sells its own hemp teas and oils. A herd of goats is being used to transition a former red pine plantation into a silvopasture area, and shaded areas of the farm are used for mushroom production. Located on the Horse Creek Watershed, Lily Springs Farm plays an important role in filtering water runoff before it feeds into the Greater St. Croix Watershed and the Mississippi River.

Farm Information
Acres: 100
Established: 2001
Located: Osceola, WI

“The beauty of agroforestry is that it is so adaptable to so many different kinds of ecosystems, food production goals, and labor capacities.”
Elle Sullivan, Lily Springs Farm

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