Humble Hands Harvest

Humble Hands Harvest farm field.

Humble Hands Harvest
Decorah, IA

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Agroforestry Systems:

Farm Information

Humble Hands Harvest is a small, diversified farm in the Driftless region of Northeast Iowa growing organic vegetables, pastured pork, and grass-fed lamb for CSA at Decorah Farmers Market. Started by Hannah Breckbill and Emily Fagan in 2017, this women-owned and worker-owned farm gained land access when 22 acres near Decorah came up for sale at auction. A neighbor rallied a group of about 20 people to buy the land in shares. The group of buyers formed an LLC and started transitioning the land to hay to hold the soil and shift to organic. 

Hannah worked with the LLC for three years before carving out 8 acres for Humble Hands Harvest to establish a permanent home. Hannah and Emily planted a variety of tree crops on the land, where they graze animals and grow an abundance of vegetables. The farm is committed to regenerative agriculture that feeds the community, improves the soil, and deepens the human relationship to the land.

Farm Information
Located: Decorah, IA

Apprenticeship Opportunities

We are a worker-owned cooperative, and we hire employees with the possibility of onboarding them into worker-ownership after 2-3 years of employment. We generally ask our employees to contribute opinions and ideas to the farm’s bigger-picture decision making, as a taste of ownership, though the worker-owners do have the final say.

We hire full- or part-time, mid-April through October.

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Your gift could provide experience and technical education for aspiring farmers through on-farm training with a mentor farmer and community building opportunities for farmers, apprentices, and those interested in incorporating trees on farmland.