Branches and Berries

Branches and Berries
Wauzeka, WI

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Farm Information

Branches and Berries is a second-generation family farm in the Driftless Area of southwest Wisconsin. This Driftless Area is a geological marvel of roughly 24,000 square miles that was untouched by the glacial action of the Ice Age. Today it is a stunningly beautiful tangle of farmed ridges, steep wooded hillsides, and narrow to broad valley floors. The tillable land in the Driftless Area is generally quite steep and highly erodible. Preserving what is left of this soil has always been the most important emphasis in the Spany and now Peralta family’s stewardship of this farm.

The Spany family purchased the land they called Sweet Sunrise Farm in 1986 with the goal of raising their daughters on a working family farm. Sheep farming led to dairy farming, and now a daughter and son-in-law are the second generation to raise a family on this small, rugged, and fertile farm. The hillsides are now planted with a wide variety of berries and decorative branches. We cultivate roughly 60 acres with continued careful attention to sustainable practices and quality land management. If you are looking for either small or large orders of black or red currants, raspberries, aronia berries, rhubarb, honeyberries, or curly willows, dogwood, pussy willows, willow-flame, or willow-fantails, please check us out. We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor.

Farm Information
Acres: 60
Established: 1986
Located: Wauzeka, WI

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Inquire at 608-306-0616; Phone calls preferred rather than texts or emails

Apprenticeship Program

Availability: Open

Wandy Peralta
“[Silvopasture] is helping a little bit to keep this healthy and green and safe. We produce healthy food, with the cows, healthy meat. Besides that, we use the fertilizer from the cows without having to spend money on machinery to bring that fertilizer to the ground.”
Wandy Peralta, Branches and Berries Farm

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