Prairie Birthday Farm

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Prairie Birthday Farm
Kearney, MO

Apprenticeship Mentor Farm

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Farm Information

Started in 1993, Prairie Birthday Farm is a small-scale farmscape and gardens designed to mimic nature in food production and to reconstruct the native ecosystems necessary for the balance and synergy among plants and animals. Using native, naturalized, and heirloom plants in food production offers many benefits including adaptability to local soil and climate conditions, maintaining healthy and diverse ecosystem services, the conservation and propagation of local flora types, and creation of aesthetic wealth. The farm products and experiences include hundreds of cutting and culinary flowers, dozens of heirloom and wild fruits, herbs, vegetables, and hundreds native plants (forbs, grasses, bushes, vines, and trees). Together they yield nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, eggs, honey, and art: photographs and tablescapes, research, information and experience, ecosystem services, aesthetic wealth, and nature immersion experiences. Thousands of pounds of cultivated and foraged herbs, edible flowers, vegetables, and fruit (including wild and Slow Food Ark of Taste varieties) are available from February through November without the use of season extension structures (greenhouse, high tunnel). Linda has a master’s degree in community health nursing and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction.

Farm Information
Established: 1993
Located: Kearney, MO

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apprentices and volunteers interested in the concepts operationalized by the farm have worked full seasons, taken tours, participated in 1-3 day “immersion” experiences, and taken part in the seasonal and daily rhythms of farm activities. The farm is an opportunity for creative and meaningful learning experiences. Anyone who wishes to learn about growing food in a “hands-on, mind-on” environment is a candidate for this opportunity. Apprentices working with Farmer Linda have rich learning experiences which may include, but are not limited to fruit, vegetable, herb, and flower production; poultry husbandry; soil health restoration; honeybee hosting; native prairie reconstruction; research; and tours. Learning activities will be customized as much as possible to meet the apprentice’s personal learning objectives. 

Apprenticeship Program

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One-On-One Support for Farm Planning

Technical Service Program

Get help planning your perennial farm system. Our Technical Service Program is here to guide you through the process of planning, funding, and planting trees on your farm.