Organic Compound

Organic Compound
Faribault, MN

Apprenticeship Mentor Farm

Agroforestry Systems:

Farm Information

Organic Compound is a 42-acre farm with mixed agroforestry, formed in 2012 when Wil Crombie started tending a homestead owned by his parents in Southeast Minnesota. The land had been in row crops for generations. After years of exploring organic gardening and experimenting with specialty crops and diverse cropping systems, Wil and his wife Carly were introduced to Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, a leader in regenerative poultry. With Reginaldo and two other business partners, the Crombies formed a business to launch the Tree-Range Chicken brand and began integrating poultry into woodland ecosystems in ways that promote mutual health of the land and animals, as developed by Reginaldo. Tree-Range Farms is now working with more than a dozen farms to supply the Midwest with quality chicken.

Farm Information
Acres: 42
Established: 2012
Located: Faribault, MN

“Agroforestry really allows for so much diversity; so many different layers of enterprises can be established on the land.”
Carly Crombie, Organic Compound, Faribault, Minnesota
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Technical Service Program

Get help planning your perennial farm system. Our Technical Service Program is here to guide you through the process of planning, funding, and planting trees on your farm.

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