Hands on Elderberry Planting Field Day

Spring Green

Elderberries are becoming a popular crop with many benefits: edible windbreaks, wildlife habitat, riparian buffers, medicines and more. The flowers are even multi-purpose. This is a hands-on planting workshop for anyone interested in learning more about cuttings, establishment, planting, and different varieties.

Ownership pathways in Agroforestry

Alley cropping offers exciting possibilities for multiple farmers operating in partnership on the same land. This webinar will explore long-term partnerships between tree crop farmers and alley crop farmers, with special focus on rent dynamics and the long-term planning required when integrating trees into agricultural settings. Alley cropping systems explored will include chestnuts, small fruits, and timber.
Patrick Michaels, Business Analyst at the Savanna Institute, works to develop enterprise budgets for agroforestry systems and business models that will catalyze the widespread adoption of agroforestry in the Midwest.

2021 Virtual North American Agroforestry Conference


The work to establish and scale up agroforestry for carbon draw-down has only just begun, but the potential is enormous. One acre of alley cropping can sequester nearly a ton of carbon in woody biomass alone. Silvopasture is #4 on Project Draw-down’s list of natural climate solutions. And even just a modest adoption of agroforestry is head and shoulders above other agricultural land-use changes in its potential for carbon sequestration.

The 2021 North American Agroforestry Conference will bring together farmers, landowners, researchers, climate scientists, investors, philanthropists, policymakers, and global leaders on climate change, carbon draw-down, and agroforestry. Together we will tackle the major barriers to scaling agroforestry, focusing on solutions and action.

Elderberry & Elder Flower Field Day

Early July is the perfect time to get outside and smell the elderflowers! Tour Regeneration Acres to learn about elderberry varieties, best management practices and potential market possibilities for this blossoming crop. We'll end the tour with farm owner, Natasha teaching us how to make an elderflower simple syrup. 3:00-5:00 pm CST.

Black Currant Field Day

The time is right to expand black currants (Ribes nigrum) as a crop in Wisconsin. Farmers in Wisconsin that grow black currants consider them to be viable from an agronomic standpoint, citing the following attributes: extremely cold hardy, able to grow on a wide variety of soil types and a wide range of pH, less attractive to wildlife, can produce up to 6,000 pounds per acre, can be machine harvested, and they hold on the bush to allow for flexible harvest dates.
Two farms, one field day! Click here to learn more.

Farm Tour and River Paddle

Spring Green

Mark your calendars for an exciting tour of the Savanna Institute Home Farm and a guided river paddle with the River Alliance of Wisconsin. More details coming soon!

Lily Springs Field Day

Lily Springs Farm 1930 60th Ave, Osceola

Savanna Institute visits Lily Springs Farm to learn more about the varieties of elderberries they are trialing, and how they manage pest and diseases for this up and coming crop. Farm tour begins at 10 am and concludes at 1 pm on Saturday, August 28th. For more information on Lily Springs, visit their website at : http://www.lilyspringsfarm.com.