“What Would It Look Like?” – Introduction to Agroforestry with the Field Notes Podcast

Last month, podcast host Jacob Grace was invited to appear on another podcast, the Field Notes Podcast, produced by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension. The podcast is hosted by Will Fullwider and Michael Geissinger, two extension educators with a focus on Wisconsin crop production. Eric Wolske, Illinois hub manager for Canopy Farm Management, also appeared on the episode. 
Black Currants on a branch.

Black Currants: A Once-Forbidden Fruit

Kevin Wolz: Here in the US, around the year 1900, the black currant industry was about as large as the blackberry industry is today. Blackberries are not the most common fruit, but everyone knows what a blackberry is, and you can buy them in basically any store. And that’s what black currants were like at around the turn of the century in 1900.

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