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PFG2023 Recordings Now Available for Free on YouTube

John Hendrickson is a former vegetable farmer and a professional spreadsheet wizard. He even showed up to record an interview for the Perennial AF podcast wearing a special hat that said “Spreadsheets” across the front! John has developed a series of Excel-based tools to help farmers understand the financial viability of their various on-farm enterprises, including the Fruit and Nut Compass, which was developed in partnership with the Savanna Institute.
Savanna Institute Staff at north farm.

6 Research Papers Published by Savanna Institute Scientists in 2023

To advance the field of agroforestry research, Savanna Institute staff collaborate with scientists worldwide to study tree crops and perennial farm systems. Our researchers work to make sure Midwest farmers and landholders have access to the latest information available to plan their farms. In 2023, staff from our research and commercialization teams contributed thought leadership on hazelnut genetics, chestnut value chains, and soil science for academic journals in the field – all to guide the development of perennial agriculture in the US.

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