Before you plant your perennial crops, ask yourself this one question: “Who are my partners?” Implementing agroforestry can be challenging, especially when it comes to transitioning land use, acquiring financing, and securing land access. We have compiled a series of videos and resources showing new kinds of partnerships between landowners, tree farmers, and investors or between landowners, community stakeholders, and investors to accelerate widespread adoption of agroforestry practices. Check out some of these stories to find unique partnerships that might appeal to you. The Partnering for Agroforestry video series was completed with support from USDA National Agroforestry Center (NAC). The NAC accelerates the adoption of agroforestry by leading, catalyzing, coordinating, and conducting research and science-based outreach.

Watch the Videos

Our videos take viewers on virtual tours of Midwest farms to see agroforestry in a variety of contexts. Hear the stories of farmers talking about the transition to perennial agriculture, and what motivates them to farm sustainably with trees.