Red Fern Farm

Red Fern Farm
Wapello, IA

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Farm Information

Red Fern Farm is a diversified fruit and nut farm with over 80 tree species managed by Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice, longtime Savanna Institute advisors. Chestnuts, pawpaw, persimmon, heartnut, Asian pear, and honey berry all grow on Red Fern Farm. Kathy runs the you-pick business, which invites the community to browse and buy food harvested on the farm. After harvest, a flock of hair sheep clean up fallen fruit and nuts. With a background in natural resource conservation, Tom and Kathy work to mimic the diversity and perennial nature of the local ecosystem by farming with trees.

Farm Information
Located: Wapello, IA
Farmland Owner: Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice
“You have to be really enjoying the work you’re doing. Love being outside, love time on a mower, and realize that what you’re doing is going to be good for yourself, for your family, and the environment in the long run.”
Kathy Dice, co-operator of Red Fern Farm
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