Delight Flower Farm

Delight Flower Farm
Champaign, IL

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Agroforestry Systems:
Alley Cropping

Farm Information

Maggie Taylor owns and operates Delight Flower Farm, a commercial cut-flower farm just west of Champaign, IL. The farm began as a backyard project for Maggie in 2001 but has grown to include a cut-flower CSA, farmers market sales, and on-farm workshops serving the Champaign-Urbana area. Maggie worked with Kaitie Adams, Savanna Institute’s Illinois community agroforester, to apply for NRCS financial assistance for her farm to establish alley cropping and windbreaks. These two USDA agroforestry practices were new for Maggie, but they aligned well with her farm operations and her vision for the farm. Kaitie made suggestions for tree varieties and low bushy crops to include, which would also provide wildlife habitat and provide biological pest control options for managing the flowers. Maggie helped choose crops for the windbreak and alley cropping that could also be sold commercially in the floral industry.

Farm Information
Located: Champaign, IL
Maggie Taylor

“The benefits of working with NRCS and the Savanna Institute are many. Some of them are very tangible ... I can see the actual dollars that NRCS is going to contribute towards this project and this practice, but some of them are intangible in that you’re just spending time and learning from a like-minded individual.”
Maggie Taylor, Owner and Operator, Delight Flower Farm
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