Midwest Berry Crops

We've collected some clips of key perennial crops grown by Midwestern farmers. Small fruit shrubs are an appealing option for landholders wishing to explore agroforestry because they bear fruit relatively early compared to other tree crops.

Partnering for Agroforestry

Before you plant your perennial crops, ask yourself this one question: “Who are my partners?” Implementing agroforestry can be challenging, especially when it comes to transitioning land use, acquiring financing, and securing land access. We have compiled a series of videos and resources showing new kinds of partnerships between landowners, tree farmers, and investors or between landowners, community stakeholders, and investors to accelerate widespread adoption of agroforestry practices.

Agroforestry Farm Tours

Hear from established Midwest farmers practicing agroforestry: Greg Judy of Green Pastures Farm, Dan Shepherd of Sepherd Farms, River Hills Harvest Terry Durham, Harry and Jackie Hoch of Hoch Orchards, and Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice of Red Fern Farm.

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