Livestock Impacts on Silvopasture Tree Establishment

This type of agriculture can generate multiple high-value products with minimal off-farm inputs, while enhancing ecological functions. To answer fundamental questions faced by farmers in the Midwest region, Savanna Institute tested three production methods at four partner farms. Learn more in the newly published research brief, Livestock impacts on silvopasture establishment.

Inspirations for Creating a Long-Term Agricultural Lease for Agroforestry: A Workbook

This workbook is for farmers and landowners who have a long-term vision for a piece of land and are willing to collaborate and commit to a lasting arrangement to make such a vision a reality. It offers an overview of legal considerations for long-term leases that address key particularities of agroforestry. While much of this Workbook is framed in the context of agroforestry, many of the issues raised are relevant for farmers & landowners who aspire to enter a long-term lease for annual crop or livestock farming.

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