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Lead Scientist & CEO of Canopy Farm Management

(608) 448-6432 ext. 101

Kevin formerly led the Savanna Institute as its Co-Executive Director. In 2022, he joined Canopy Farm Management as its Chief Executive Officer. Canopy is a business launched by the Savanna Institute and Grantham Environmental Trust to expand agroforestry services in the Midwest. While CEO of Canopy, Kevin continues his contributions to Savanna Institute’s mission as a lead scientist. Kevin’s academic background has blended biology, agroecology, and engineering, with a focus spanning a wide range of methods and applications – from biogeochemical cycling and ecological monitoring to biophysical modeling and economic analyses. He was the founding Chair of the Institute‚Äôs Board of Directors. Kevin enjoys experimenting and learning on his own two agroforestry farms on long-term-leased land in Champaign County, IL.