Partnering For Agroforestry

Before you plant your perennial crops, ask yourself this one question: “Who are my partners?”

Implementing agroforestry can be challenging, especially when it comes to transitioning land use, acquiring financing, and securing land access. We have compiled a series of videos and resources showing new kinds of partnerships between landowners, tree farmers, and investors or between landowners, community stakeholders, and investors to accelerate widespread adoption of agroforestry practices.

Check out some of these stories to find unique partnerships that might appeal to you.

Savanna Institute Staff at north farm.

The Partnering for Agroforestry video series was completed with support from USDA National Agroforestry Center (NAC). The NAC accelerates the adoption of agroforestry by leading, catalyzing, coordinating, and conducting research and science-based outreach.

Hear the Stories:
Partnering for Agroforestry

All Seasons Farm

All Seasons Farm is an organic grass fed dairy farm in southwest Wisconsin and has been operating as an organic producer since 2006. In May of 2022, volunteers helped plant 1,100 trees along pastures at All Seasons Farm.

Nettle Valley Farm

Nettle Valley Farm is a 70 acre pastured pork farm outside Spring Grove, Minnesota, which manages an incubator farm program to host young livestock farmers who are interested in silvopasture and other agroforestry practices.

Organic Compound

Organic Compound has over 40 acres of a diverse agroforestry system, filled with hybrid hazelnuts, American elderberries, silvopastured poultry and so much more. The family farm partnered with Tree-Range® Chicken to launch one of the first commercially scaled regenerative poultry production units.

Lily Springs Farm

Lily Springs Farm is a 100-acre property located on the shores of a spring-fed lake in western Wisconsin. The farm hosts events, classes, and on-site lodging rental and tourism. Lily Springs Farm partners with their community to cultivate rows of elderberry, aronia, black currant and raspberry along with hazelnut, apple, plum, apricot, and cherry, and other tree varieties.

Silverwood Park

Silverwood park is an historic site that dates all the way back to the 1800s. Its mission is to share the legacy of this family farm and how it has become a thriving force for agroforestry, gardening and community gatherings.

Delight Flower Farm

Delight Flower Farm is a commercial cut flower farm just west of Champaign, IL that includes a cut-flower CSA, farmers market sales, and on-farm workshops serving the Champaign-Urbana area. Owner Maggie Taylor worked with Savanna Institute to apply for NRCS funding for her farm to establish alley cropping and windbreaks.

Southern Ohio Chestnut Co

The Southern Ohio Chestnut Farm is a multi-farm business co-founded by Chris Smyth and Badger Johnson, operating on properties in southern Ohio. With a focus on Chinese chestnut varieties, the company currently manages 25 acres through a long term, 75-year lease with the Woodcock Nature Preserve.


Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT

Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT is investing in land security for organic farmers, supporting crop rotations to diversifying livestock, dairy, and broader spectrum agriculture, including agroforestry.

Red Fern Farm

Before you start your farm it’s important to consider what your farm partnerships are going to look like. In this video, Kathy Dice of Red Fern Farm shares some insights on how to successfully navigate the long term partnerships that are critical to success in an agroforestry system.