Hi folks. This is Jacob Grace and you’re listening to Perennial AF, the Savanna Institute’s podcast and blog about perennial agroforestry.

Today we’re listening back to a presentation from our 2022 Perennial Farm Gathering, by agroforestry entrepreneur and author Austin Unruh.  There are many different ways to get started doing agroforestry, but for folks that don’t own land or have access to outside investment, getting started with agroforestry can sometimes seem like a long, hard road. 

In his presentation, Austin describes how he started his business, Trees for Graziers, from the ground up, based in southeastern Pennsylvania, and what lessons he thinks people can learn from his experiences. 

Austin is now an author as well as an agroforester, and his new book “The Graziers Guide To Trees” is intended to help farmers “take grazing to new heights.”

That’s his phrase, not mine. I’m only a little bit jealous. 

Here’s Austin Unruh, presenting over Zoom at the 2022 Perennial Farm Gathering.