🔊 Welcome to Perennial AF: a podcast and blog by the Savanna Institute

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Podcast

Welcome everyone to Perennial AF, a podcast and blog published by the Savanna Institute.

I’m your podcast host, Jacob Grace. 

We’ve been releasing episodes and event recordings for the last year on our podcast, and we’ve had a great response from listeners like you who want to hear more from the Savanna Institute community. So, we’re adding a blog and re-launching our podcast with a new name: Perennial AF. As you can probably guess, AF is short for agroforestry.

Perennial AF will bring you more fun stories and honest conversations from people who practice agroforestry in the Midwest. You can subscribe to our podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and join our newsletter for regular updates from the Perennial AF blog.

We are here for a perennial future, where trees are an integral part of farming systems and community landscapes. A future where all people are able to enjoy the benefits trees can provide. Thanks for taking this fun and wild journey with us to a more perennial future. Enjoy!