🔊“Why Do Farmers Wear Overalls?” – Farmers answer commonly Googled questions about farming

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Podcast


In the latest episode of the Perennial AF podcast, farmers Marie Raboin of Brix Cider, Jacob Marty of Green Fire Farm, and Thelma Heidel-Baker of Bossie Cow Farm answer some of Google’s top questions about farmers and farming. You’ll never think about overalls the same way again!

This episode and the videos below were produced in collaboration with Grassland 2.0.


“Great, now I can really get myself in trouble,” says Marie Raboin, trying to answer a question about dairy farming. “You dairy farmers, don’t start calling me!”

Why do farmers chew on wheat? “Cuz you gotta fit the stereotype,” jokes Jacob Marty.

“What do dairy farmers wear? Well…this is what dairy farmers wear,” says Thelma Heidel-Baker, pointing at herself.


This episode was produced in collaboration with Grassland 2.0.

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