Perennial Farm Gathering

December 7-9, 2022

3 DAY VIRTUAL GATHERING of farmers, landowners and perennial enthusiasts from across the country.

Perennial together, growing agroforestry forever


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Log in December 7th to share your work and learn from others at the Perennial Farming Gathering. Network and connect with a community committed to growing perennial agriculture for climate, conservation and economic vitality.

What are Nutshells and how do they work?

Nutshells are a fun flexible way to share updates about your work in agroforestry. Nutshell talks are five-minute presentations by event attendees delivered at a Savanna Institute event. They can include slides or other visual aids or simply be a talk with updates about your work. The Savanna Institute provides regular opportunities for members of the agroforestry community to give Nutshell talks.

Videos from last years Perennial Farm Gathering

a hazelnut bush in summer

Deep Roots and New Shoots Awards

Savanna Institute’s Keefe Keeley recognizes Cathe Capel of Seven Sisters Farm with a Deep Roots Award and Kevin Wolz, now CEO of Canopy Farm Management, with the New Shoots Awards in deep appreciation of their work to advance the science, practice, and adoption of agroforestry.

a hazelnut bush in summer

Perennial Farm Gathering Keynote

Cookbook author Beth Dooley, orchardist Eliza Greenman, and advocate for food justice Anna Lappé talk with Nettle Valley Farm’s Dayna Burtness about the intersections of agriculture, climate and what it takes to build invigorating food systems.

a hazelnut bush in summer

Agroforestry Community Nutshells

Learn what your peers have been up to and be inspired by the popular five-minute Nutshell talks.

Save the date for Nutshells continued on Friday, March 4th, 10am Central Time and sign up to give a Nutshell or check to see if you are on the list.

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a hazelnut bush in summer