Perennial Farm Gathering

Perennial Farm


Perennial Farm


December 7-9, 2022

3 DAY VIRTUAL GATHERING of farmers, landowners and perennial enthusiasts from across the country.

Perennial together, growing agroforestry forever

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This premier Midwest event is available to global audiences every year! Join us this December for a 3-day virtual global gathering of farmers, landowners and perennial enthusiasts. Share your work and learn from others who are committed to growing perennial agriculture for climate, conservation and economic vitality. Design, select plants and partner to create agroecological systems that regenerate the land and support communities.

We are very excited to host these amazing speakers at our gathering!

(More speaker announcements coming soon.)

Ricardo Salvador

Union of Concerned Scientists, Director, Food & Environment Program

Samantha Bosco

Cornell University Graduate School of Integrative Plant Science Horticulture Section

Mark Krawczyk

Author Coppice Agroforestry: Tending Trees for Product, Profit, and Woodland Ecology 

Be sure to hear all of their insight and expertise, register for the gathering today!

Support a perennial future, and ensure everyone can join us at this years gathering. 

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a hazelnut bush in summer

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If you attended the 2020 or 2021 Perennial Farm Gathering, you can use your username and password and login to access all of the 2020 PFG and/or 2021 NAAC recorded sessions. 

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