The Perennial Farm Gathering

Friday, March 4th, 2022
10 AM Central

Nutshells Continued…

It was so inspiring to connect with our community during the overflowing Nutshell Show & Tells. We heard so many great agroforestry ideas being employed and we watched folks connect in real time. Let’s “March fourth” for agroforestry with a second round of Nutshells at 10am Central Time on Friday March 4th. Feel free to sign up here if you haven’t yet shared (or take your name off the list if you can’t make it). We hope everyone joins whether or not you attended/presented during round one–you never know what cool ideas you’ll hear or what to avoid in each 5-minute talk!

Thank you Participants

On February 4th, the agroforestry community came together at Savanna Institute’s Perennial Farm Gathering. Thank you to Laura for leading an impromptu yoga class! Thank you to Cathe Capel of Seven Sisters Farm and Kevin Wolz of Canopy Farm Management who we honored with Deep Roots and New Shoots awards. Thank you to Beth DooleyEliza Greenman and Anna Lappé who exchanged perspectives on agriculture, climate and food policy with moderator Dayna Burtness.

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What are Nutshells and how do they work?

Many people share images or slides of their farm/project/plants as a part of their Nutshell talk and many feel inspired to share in the moment without visuals. At the beginning of the session, we’ll give a call for nutshells and you can add your name to the chat indicating you want to have a turn. If you want to share a few slides or images (no more than 10), have them up on your computer so you can share your screen. You are also welcome to hold up actual photos if you have them, or choose to not show photos and just chat with everyone. We suggest keeping it simple!  This year, our goal is to enable our community to share what worked (and what didn’t); dialing down the tech (and efficiency) while dialing up the networking. Our moderator will let you know when you are on deck to present so you can prepare. This is a fun, flexible, and no pressure way to connect and share.

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a hazelnut bush in summer
a hazelnut bush in summer

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