We need perennial agriculture now more than ever. We need to draw down more carbon. We need more monarchs, and bumble bees, and red-headed woodpeckers. We need healthier food and stronger communities. At the Savanna Institute, we are working hard to develop agroforestry in the Midwest because we truly believe perennial agriculture is key to meeting some of the biggest needs of the 21st century. If you agree, please consider supporting our mission this season through one of the means below.  If you are on the fence, please read our appeal letter and contact us with any questions about supporting the Savanna Institute.



Donations directly benefit Savanna Institute programs and activities. You can help us advance agroforestry in the heartland.

Helping the Savanna Institute through a donation of real estate benefits our work for years to come.

The Savanna Institute is a  501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible. Donations can be generic, program-specific, or directed to our endowment fund for long-term organizational capacity.

Want to secure the perennial future of your land? The Savanna Institute needs to put down roots.  Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of a donation, charitable remainder trust, or another path to a shared future.




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