03 Apr


Please click here for more details and to register for the workshop on April 30th.  We will be learning how to plant a shelterbelt!  Lunch included!  Life is good, and gets better with trees!
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25 Feb


If trees + prairie + animals = Savanna AND trees + forage + livestock = Silvopasture, can silvopasture mimic native savannas?   We are working with farmers to to find out, and share what we learn with you.
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11 Dec


This the second of two guest posts from young scholars and practitioners of savanna-based agriculture. Here Ellie Schertz offers candid insight about the challenges in practice and perception she faced managing the young savanna-mimic perennial polyculture at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center in Indiana, the site of one of the Savanna Institute's first Case Studies.  Read >

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