Welcome to the Savanna Institute

You received a postcard in the mail from Wisconsin Women In Conservation (WiWiC) and the Savanna Institute. The Savanna Institute works to advance multifunctional agroforestry in the Midwest, including farming systems of integrated trees, crops, and livestock that foster ecological resilience, water quality, soil health, and vibrant rural communities. We are partnering with Wisconsin Women in Conservation to introduce a new group of farmers to agroforestry.

Join us at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve to learn about agroforestry practices, developing pollinator habitat, and planting cover crops.

Understanding Agroforestry Practices

There are several ways to implement agroforestry, and they each have different benefits and challenges. Begin to explore these practices and learn about how they might be used to diversify farm income, meet conservation goals, improve water retention, and even boost crop yield.

Learn more about five key agroforestry practices: Riparian Buffers, Forest Farming, Alley Cropping, Silvopasture and Windbreaks in these handy infographics.

Our Pioneer Agroforestry Farm Tour series will introduce you to the many options other farmers have already implemented on their land. It’s an excellent way to hear about the practices from people who have a lot of experience already.

Perennial Pathways: Planting Tree Crops

  • A comprehensive, 110-page guidebook to designing and installing farm-scale edible agroforestry
  • Indispensable for new agroforestry farmers throughout the stages of farm startup
  • Available as a free PDF download and also as a book shipped directly to you for $26

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a hazelnut bush in summer

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a hazelnut bush in summer

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