Agroforestry Technical Support

Get help planning your agroforestry system


Our Technical Service Program can help you achieve your agroforestry goals on your land in select counties in Illinois and Wisconsin (with more states and counties opening in Summer 2023). Our team will work together with you and other partners throughout the technical service process to write a farm narrative and conduct a site assessment. We’ll help you identify cost-share funding opportunities and work with you to develop a design and plan for your land. Ultimately, you are in charge of moving the plan forward. We are here to support you.

Are you ready to start planning your agroforestry system?

Our Community Agroforesters will help you write a farm narrative and find resources for agroforestry. Our technical service providers conduct site visits to guide you in designing and planning your system.

What does the process look like?

  • One-on-one support
    We will work together and with other partners throughout the process. Ultimately, YOU are in charge of moving the plan forward!
  • Learn about agroforestry
    We will share videos, written materials, and updates about learning opportunities.
  • Write a narrative
    We will help you define your goals, identify available resources, and determine how agroforestry fits into your vision for your farm.
  • Conduct a site assessment
    Together we will gather information about your soils, existing plants, microclimates, and infrastructure.
  • Crunch the numbers
    We will connect you with tools to help you figure out the finances and guide you to sources of funding, including NRCS cost-share opportunities.
  • Develop the design
    We will work together to map out where everything will go and how it fits in with existing farm activities.

  • Implement your vision
    You will end up with a working plan. You can plant the trees yourself or we can connect you with other organizations to help.

Want to learn more about agroforestry?


Take the Online Course: Agroforestry Foundations

The Agroforestry Foundations course is designed to introduce you to a diversity of agroforestry practices, financial arrangements, farm designs and business models while helping you reflect on your own personal values and goals. 

three apprentices and a farmer sit on the porch of a white house

Ready for some on-farm training?


Each summer the Savanna Institute runs an on-farm agroforestry apprenticeship program. This program pairs beginning farmers with experienced agroforesters for 10 weeks of hand-on training and mentoring. Program participants also join an online course and travel to area farms as a cohort to build their network and gain exposure to the wide range of agroforestry practices present across the Midwest.