Our Staff

Eric Wolske

Farm Establishment Lead

(608) 448-6432 ext. 117

Eric leads the establishment of agroforestry farms for East Central Illinois, focusing on alley cropping systems integrating productive tree crops with the existing row crops found in the region. Eric’s agricultural focus began with a B.S in Plant and Soil Science from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and has continued through graduate school as he finishes his PhD in Crop Sciences from the University of Illinois. His research utilizes UAV’s to quickly collect data on currants, perennial grasses, and agroforestry systems. He also has experience managing woody crops in conventional and agroforestry systems, both at the U of I and at vineyards in Southern Illinois. Eric is from Champaign, Illinois and has always dreamed of more trees in the expansive corn and bean fields where he grew up, and looks forward to the opportunity to help make the landscape more sustainable and to protect the beautiful and productive soils of the Midwest. When Eric is not playing with drones, he’s fermenting wines, ciders, and seltzers to enjoy with friends and family.