AFTA Session

Day 4 – Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 2020

10am – 11am

AFTA Session

Making Agroforestry Research Relevant to and Useful for Farmers   

Kevin Wolz, [email protected], Savanna Institute

Meghan Giroux, [email protected], Interlace Commons & Interlace Agroforestry

Fabien Balaguer, [email protected], Association Française d’AgroForesterie

Agroforestry research today encompasses everything from long-term field studies and biophysical computer modeling to stakeholder surveys and market analyses. But what does it all mean for an agroforestry farmer? Is this research helping farmers to be successful? Does research aid in making farms more profitable, productive, efficient, or resilient? Given the many urgent ecological issues that agroforestry plays a role in solving, it is critical that our limited research capacities be as focused as possible on the key needs of farmers and landowners as they adopt and scale agroforestry. This panel will discuss the role of research in agroforestry across multiple disciplines and continents from the perspective of NGO leaders that are poised at the nexus of research and application.   

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