Getting Started

Welcome to the 2020 Perennial Farm Gathering! To make this the most interactive and community-oriented event possible please read through these instructions:

First, visit your my account page and update your profile picture.

Explore the main menu, where you will find the entire conference schedule, as well as daily schedules, more information and links to all other relevant pages and conference information.

On the main menu you will also find the comment section, an opportunity to explore a map of participants and recognize and honor the native lands we all call home. You will also find follow up information for the conference and other special updates and sessions. Be sure to check out all of the links and don’t forget to leave a comment.

    • Share who you are by including all or some of the following:
      • Your name
      • Location
      • The name of your farm or organization
      • The title of your profession, or farm specialty
      • Connect on a deeper level:
        • Add a fun fact about yourself, or what you’re hoping to gain from this conference or who you hope to connect with or learn from during the conference


To access sessions, visit the calendar pages on the main menu and click ENTER on a session. Here you will find information about the session. At the scheduled date and time you can click JOIN THE SESSION to be taken to the zoom link. Copy/Paste the passcode from the page and enter it into Zoom to access the session.  At the end of your session, navigate back to the main page or daily schedule page. If you do not see the session passcode, assure that you are logged by returning to your my account page. Once logged in the passcode should appear. If you purchased a conference add-on be sure to check your email for the passcode to those sessions.

Prepare for your Nutshell Talk

    • If you uploaded your nutshell by the deadline of Nov. 23rd, you should have received a presentation time and date on Nov. 30th. Please double check your presentation time and access the link for that nutshell session before your assigned time to address any issues that may arise. 
    • If you were not assigned a nutshell time, but would like to give a 5 minute talk, feel free to attend a Nutshell Talk session that applies best to your farm/work, and the moderator will try to fit you in.

Still having trouble? Visit the help desk.

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