Day 2: Monday, Dec. 7th

9:00am – 8pm CST

Help Desk Open

Help desk open: We have staff on call during the entire conference to help with any questions or issues you may have. 

For questions please email us at [email protected]

9:30am – 10am CST


Stretch out and mentally prepare for your day with yoga instructor Megan Miller, Yoga For Good. Today’s focus is: An energetic flow to get you ready for the gathering.

Megan Miller: Owner & Yogi for Yoga For Good

Meg Miller approaches her teaching with a playful and non-intimidating manner. With a background in Physical Therapy, Meg allows each student to practice within their own unique needs. Meg has been teaching for 15 years in studios, corporations, and throughout the community. Come to your practice and meet yourself where you are at. Together we create a space to achieve increased wellness. I look forward to providing you with a meaningful and thoughtful experience on your mat.

10am – 11pm CST

General Nutshell Talks: sponsored by National Agroforestry Center NAC

11am – 12pm CST

General Nutshell Talks: sponsored by Forrest Keeling Nursery

A main feature of the gathering will be the ever-popular 5-minute Nutshell Show & Tells, which are open to all attendees to share success stories, lessons-learned, or nagging questions to help build knowledge across the region.

10am – 11am CST

AFTA Panel: Partnering for Perennials


11am – 12:20pm CST

AFTA Panel: regional and scaled approaches to resilient agriculture

Lunch Break

12:30pm – 1:30pm CST

Decolonizing Agriculture Brownbag Part I: 

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín, Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

Q&A Session with Keefe Keeley, Jim Kleinschmit & Wil Crombie

Decolonizing the Mind

Establishing the foundational mantras, doctrine, and patterns to reverse established thinking, acting, engaging, organizing, and processing patterns. Talk followed by Q&A session.

Bring your lunch!

2pm – 3pm CST

Orchards and Cider Panel: Sponsored by MOSES Farming

Matt Raboin of Brix Cider and Anton Ptak owner and farmer of Mary Dirty Face Farm, share their experience building a small business, financing their dreams, creating novel collaborations, the projects they’re excited about, and challenges of the industry. 

Matt Raboin: Owner & Operator of Brix Cider

Anton Ptak: Owner & Farmer of Mary Dirty Face Farm

2pm – 3pm CST

AFTA Panel: Plant Breeding and Polycultures



3pm – 4:30pm CST

Farm Planning for Carbon Sequestration: Sponsored by the National Agroforestry Center

This workshop will cover the specifics of emission credits and designing for the future using carbon sequestration. 

Eric Toensmeier: Perennial Solutions, author of The Carbon Farming Solution, lecturer at Yale University,  and a senior fellow with Project Drawdown. 

3pm – 3:45pm CST

Indigenous Food Systems

Elizabeth Day: Community Engagement Programs Manager at the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) Elizabeth shares the vision being built by NACDI to create an Indigenous designed and led grocery store in the heart of Minneapolis to disrupt the commercial food system.

3:45pm – 4:30pm CST

Exploring Hazelnuts: Sponsored by Forest Agriculture Nursery: “Where Ecology Meets Agriculture”

Dr. Thomas Molnar, Associate professor at Rutgers University. Dr. Molnar shares his research and insights on developing and characterizing genetic resistance disease, pest resistance and cold hardiness in hazelnuts.


Dinner Break

4:30pm – 6pm CST

Enjoy your dinner while checking out some of our many Nutshell Conversations!


5:30pm – 6:15pm CST

Orchards & Fruit Meet-up

Connect with fellow growers and enthusiasts!

5:30pm – 6:15pm CST

Chestnut Growers Meet-up:

Sponsored by Red Fern Farm 

A space to meet with your peers.

5:30pm – 6:15pm CST

Hazelnuts Meet-up

A space to meet with your peers.

5:30pm – 6:15pm CST

Grazing / Silvopasture Meet-up Group

A space to meet with your peers.

6:30pm – 8pm CST

Keynote Panel & Discussion

This year we’re excited to host three women of agroforestry for a lively discussion about their motivations for practicing agroforestry, how their passions and backgrounds inform their work, experiences as women in the field, and opportunities for growing the movement for new and returning land stewards. Olivia Watkins, Oliver’s Forest; Dr. Jifunza Wright-Carter, Black Oaks Center; and Kathy Dice, Red Fern Farm.