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At the Savanna Institute, our mission is to share education and research about agroforestry with the community so that farmers and landowners have the tools they need to integrate tree crops on their land. Each summer we host a series of field days around the Midwest at demonstration farms including those run by the Savanna Institute.

When it comes to agroforestry, seeing is believing. The more opportunities we can extend to the community to learn about the benefits of planting tree crops, the more acres we can convert to agroforestry and the greater potential we have to improve water quality, sequester carbon, and restore biodiversity to the oak savanna native to the region.

Check out some of our photos from recent events to see how we are bringing together a community of people who practice perennial agriculture.


Event guests had the opportunity to sample Black Currant Streausel prepared by Odessa Piper, who demonstrates ways to prepare agroforestry products to chefs and restaurants so they can add more climate-friendly foods on their menus.

Illinois Community Agroforester Kaitie Adams and Technical Service Provider Sven Pihl explain the five most common forms of agroforestry: Alley Cropping, Windbreaks, Silvopasture, Riparian Buffers, and Forest Farming.

Local residents and supporters in Southwest Wisconsin gathered at our new demonstration farm in Spring Green where we are setting up research trials for Hazelnuts and Chestnut trees.

Agroforestry installations take a lot of planning and design before trees are planted. Partners explain the design for the farm and the decisions that went into selecting and planting trees on the landscape at a Savanna Institute Demonstration Farm in Oregon, Illinois.

Devon Brock-Montgomery, who leads one of our Water Quality Programs, explains the research we are conducting into the impacts of agroforestry on the watershed adjacent to the Wisconsin Riverway and Spring Green Campus Demonstration Farms.

More than 100 people gathered at our Spring Green Campus in September 2022 to meet partners, hear Nutshell presentations, tour the farm, and sample agroforestry appetizers prepared by deep-roots food advocate Odessa Piper.

Savanna Institute Executive Director Keefe Keeley talks with supporters who helped welcome the organization into the Spring Green, Wisconsin community, where we are establishing a network of demonstration farms that make up our new campus. Each farm is designed to demonstrate agroforestry in different contexts and at different scales.

The community asks questions about strategies for detering deer and rodents, managing invasive species, and harvesting equipment used at the North Farm at our Spring Green Campus in Southwestern Wisconsin.

Kaitie Adams and partners show agroforestry in action at the Fields Restored Demonstration Farm in Oregon, IL.

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a hazelnut bush in summer

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