🔊 “Is This Really A Dairy Farm?” Ask-a-Farmer with Greg Galbraith

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Podcast

In this episode of Perennial AF, hear my conversation with Greg Galbraith, a Wisconsin dairy farmer. Greg began dairy farming after college, and switched from conventional to grass-fed, as he put it, “to survive”. After some initial resistance to going organic, he also converted his farm to an organic dairy and although Greg retired a few years ago, a new generation of organic dairy farmers is keeping the farm in operation. 

Greg spent most of his life managing a dairy farm in Marathon County, Wisconsin. His farming career involved shifting his dairy operation to a grazing-based system, transitioning to organic practices, and finally passing on the farm to a new generation of organic dairy graziers.

By the end of his farming tenure, his farm had so much perennial cover that people would often ask him, “Is this really a dairy farm?”

Two farmers with dairy calves

Greg is now working to launch a podcast for the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship, a nonprofit organization that helped inspire our own Agroforestry Apprenticeship Program

But Greg is more than a former farmer and aspiring podcaster. He’s also a writer, poet, painter, and musician. Greg and I already knew each other from some of our past work in the grazing world, so I started by asking him what he’s been nerding out about lately.

a hazelnut bush in summer

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