🔊 The Institute’s Roots: 10th Anniversary Conversation with Keefe Keeley and Kevin Wolz

by | May 3, 2023 | Canopy, Podcast, Speaker

This year is the tenth anniversary of the Savanna Institute, and in our latest podcast episode, we’re looking back at the institute’s roots. Host Jacob Grace talks with two people who have been at the core of the Savanna Institute over the last ten years: Kevin Wolz and Keefe Keeley.

Kevin Wolz was part of the network of researchers and farmers who founded the Savanna Institute back in 2013, and served as the first chair of the institute’s board of directors. From 2017 to 2022, he served as co-executive director of the organization. He is currently CEO of Canopy Farm Management.

Keefe Keeley was Savanna Institute’s first official staff person. He has served as executive director since he was hired in 2014.

Beginning in 2017, Keefe and Kevin worked together for five years as co-executive directors of the Savanna Institute. During those five years, the organization went from being a scrappy startup (with three part-time employees collectively doing the work of one full-time staff person) to being a thriving nonprofit with over twenty employees, purchasing land in southern Wisconsin to establish a home farm, and launching a spinoff business, Canopy Farm Management, to increase tree planting and perennial farm management services in the Midwest.

In the episode, Keefe and Kevin talk about how Savanna Institute has always had a vision for transformational change, and how, as Keefe says, “we’re not going to achieve that by doing some nice projects on the margins.”



You can hear the full conversation with Keefe and Kevin on the Perennial AF podcast or on our YouTube channel:






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