Spring Green Campus Farm Director

Erik sets the perennial vision for Savanna Institute’s campus in Spring Green, WI. Since 2005, Erik has devoted himself to studying, teaching, and managing agroecological systems across the country. After receiving a B.S. in Agricultural and Ecological Sciences from The Evergreen State College in 2009, Erik coordinated the South Puget Sound Small Farms Program with WSU Extension and Mason Conservation District; providing education, research and farm planning/technical assistance for producers in the region. Erik relocated to Pennsylvania in 2015 to work with the USDA Agricultural Research Service at the Pennsylvania State University while working towards a Master’s in Ecology. His research focused on alternative riparian buffer and water quality management strategies for enhancing ecosystem services within agricultural landscapes. During this time, Erik developed and managed a diversified agroforestry farm while co-coordinating outreach and training programs on agroforestry opportunities specific to the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region. Erik is excited to join the Midwest community in discovering, developing and promoting resilient and regenerative models of agroecosystems for the Midwest and beyond.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (608) 448-6432 ext. 112