Gift Giving Guide

Give a gift that truly keeps on giving for generations

When you purchase a gift from our giving guide, you help plant more trees to draw down carbon and improve water quality for generations. We have some gift packages we recommend below. Thinking about a custom gift package? Contact Alison Long, Director of Development, at [email protected] to learn more.

Instead of buying plants from nurseries which increases our carbon footprint through transportation and delivery, this package helps us work in smaller packages of seeds and scion to get our Home Farm Nursery and plantings off to the most sustainable start. One lb of seed plants one acre and ensures further revenue to support education, research, and demonstration.

Your gift plants 40 hazelnut seedlings – in addition to contributing tasty nuts for holiday treats, once they mature, these hazelnuts can sequester over 18 tons of carbon per acre while preventing erosion, improving water quality, and protecting biodiversity.

Your gift plants one half acre of elderberries – that’s over 450 seedlings taking root to help improve our health and the planet and ensures further revenue to support education, research, and demonstration.

Do your part to ensure a steady supply of locally-grown black currants for your favorite cocktail! Your gift plants over 730 black currant seedlings.

Your gift plants 1 acre of chestnut trees — trees that have a potential lifespan of 250 years. Just imagine how much carbon each tree can sequester!

Sponsor an apprentice! On-farm, hands-on experience is hard to find. Your gift could provide experience and technical education for aspiring farmers through on-farm training with a mentor farmer and community-building opportunities for farmers, apprentices, and those interested in incorporating trees on farmland.

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Each full flip package includes all the plants, supplies, labor, and land to fully flip 1 acre of annuals to perennials — deep-rooted crops that help the soil, the climate, and the farm. Better yet, come year after year to see and taste the fruits of the farmland you helped transform. See you on the flip side!

For the most adventurous and flexible of gift givers!

Will your gift help fund a ram for our flock or a month of education materials that will inspire a 6th grade class?

Whatever it is, you can rest assured that your gift will support the greatest needs of the Savanna Institute at the most vital time. While we love attaching a specific story to each donation, perhaps the most powerful support comes by way of you trusting us to steward your generosity in the way that will make the biggest impact, both immediately and in the future.

“I trust Savanna Institute to be careful stewards of land that’s important to me and my family, and to develop and spread farming practices that will increase biodiversity and fight climate change.”


                                                                  – Jack L.

If you would like to donate by check, please make checks payable to:

Savanna Institute
2453 Atwood Ave.
Suite 209
Madison, WI 53704