Webinar: Novel financing partnerships in agroforestry


Megan Murphy of Backyard Beauty discusses her journey of collaborating with the NRCS's EQIP and CSP programs to financially support her perennial farming efforts. Bring your questions!

2020 Virtual Perennial Farm Gathering


Mark your calendars for our first ever virtual Perennial Farm Gathering, December 6th-9th. In a year of social distancing, we believe the Perennial Farm Gathering will be more important than ever to help bring the perennial agriculture community together.

Perennial Farm Gathering: Synthesis Session


With four days of engaging content, 45 sessions, 400 people from over 18 different countries; we thought it would be useful to create space to reconnect, continue the conversations and continue to grow this community of agroforesters. There will be several breakout rooms for extended tree crop meetups, decolonizing agriculture, networking, farm planning and research!


Passing on the Gift of Land


Continue the discussion that began at this years' Perennial Farm Gathering, about the importance of long-term leases, ground leases and other innovative approaches to supporting the next generation of farmers. Moderated by Joseph Klingelhutz, SILT farm specialist, Lyle Luzum, land donor, Will Lorentzen, Owner and Farmer at Jupiter Ridge Farm. Please pre-watch the video that will be sent with your registration confirmation and come with questions.

The Role of Land Trusts in Agroforestry


Prewatch the discussion between Suzan Erem- Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT), Alison Volk- American Farmland Trust, Chris Gutschenritter- Tall Pines, and Erik Hagan- Savanna Institute. Join this live session, moderated by Suzan Erem, to ask questions and continue the conversation! Video link will be sent with your registration confirmation.

Black Currant Agronomy Panel


Black currants are a nutritious berry crop gaining interest among health-conscience consumers and farmers seeking to diversify their operations alike. Eric Wolske has led research at the University of Illinois on currant cultivar performance and best practices for growing currants in orchards, agroforestry systems, and even in parks and yards. Eric will go over some of the exciting components of his research on currants and share some of the lessons he’s learned to help future and current currant growers maximize production of this delicious and nutritious up-and-coming fruit.

Partnership structures and creative business in agroforestry


This webinar is great if you own land and are looking for creative ways to profit that isn't necessarily farming, or if you are looking to farm and need access to land. We will be hearing from a land owner on her rental agreement with an agroforester, and a long time farmer who works with incubators and other small business start ups; who will also be addressing creative career options in agroforestry.

Hands on Elderberry Planting Field Day

Spring Green

Elderberries are becoming a popular crop with many benefits: edible windbreaks, wildlife habitat, riparian buffers, medicines and more. The flowers are even multi-purpose. This is a hands-on planting workshop for anyone interested in learning more about cuttings, establishment, planting, and different varieties.

Ownership pathways in Agroforestry

Alley cropping offers exciting possibilities for multiple farmers operating in partnership on the same land. This webinar will explore long-term partnerships between tree crop farmers and alley crop farmers, with special focus on rent dynamics and the long-term planning required when integrating trees into agricultural settings. Alley cropping systems explored will include chestnuts, small fruits, and timber.
Patrick Michaels, Business Analyst at the Savanna Institute, works to develop enterprise budgets for agroforestry systems and business models that will catalyze the widespread adoption of agroforestry in the Midwest.