Dr. Sarah Lovell

Dr. Sarah Lovell serves as the H.E. Garrett Endowed Chair Professor and the Director for the Center for Agroforestry at University of Missouri. This appointment follows ten years she served on the faculty at the University of Illinois and a previous three years on the faculty at University of Vermont. Her research philosophy has evolved from an interdisciplinary background, including an MS and PhD in Agronomy followed by a Master in Landscape Architecture (MLA) from University of Illinois.  With a focus on the analysis and design of multifunctional landscapes, Dr. Lovell’s research program has emphasized whole-farm planning, productive agroforestry, and urban agriculture. From that body of work, she has published 60 peer reviewed journal articles, many in multidisciplinary journals. She has been awarded over $10 million in competitive grants. Dr. Lovell is committed to improving the resiliency of our food system through perennial cropping systems that supply nutrient-dense, healthy products.